Standing Still

We stood for something

We stood in silence in the rain one day

Fleeting moments for you to retreat

Repetitive behaviors and lying through your teeth

Oblivious to the utterances, gestures, and pleasures

I found myself to once seek

We stood for something

We stood like love birds on a post

Counting seconds till I got the message

Confronting conflict of you me and/ or him

We stood for something

We stood                                                                                                                                        apart


Love is foolish

Fools fallen love

Fall, autumn

Repris et-al

Hope is uncharacteristic of the hopeless,

Seems obvious but not to the oblivious

The seekers of truth to find in lost conscience

Rash decisions, in unfastening life’s seatbelt.

Losing everything, to gain a mental picture of what’s actually left or better yet what’s right.

STOP. This isn’t a cross roads between fire or frost.

More like a stand-still between sinking sand

Delegated Election

With wits there come withdrew

Through windows to lobbyists

in congress

Soul panes and pains

Burning of symbolic crosses

Hate speech spewed

Inaugurating hate legitimizing rape

Fuck you DT you can’t trump us. The U.S. that is

We’ll deport you and encage you like


Prisoner in a great wall built from the sweat and waterboarded tears of immigrants.